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During a typical clinic, medical students can expect to work with up to three clients. Medical students are responsible for detailing a client’s chief complaint and history of the present illness, documenting a client's medical history, performing a physical examination, and generating an assessment and plan. Working together with the assigned caseworker and attending physician as a team, the medical student will help implement a plan for their clients that may include administering medications, immunizations, referrals, and health education or counseling. In addition, medical students and caseworkers are able to work with on-site health insurance resource services to plug clients into a more stable means of receiving care.


Volunteer medical students serve as primary care liaisons to underserved clients in the Hollywood and Santa Monica communities. In addition to being able to hone clinical and doctoring skills, medical students gain unique experiences in assessing the social determinants of health in underserved populations, with the goal of eliminating both perceived and realized boundaries to healthcare. The Mobile Clinic Project aims to provide a holistic approach to street medicine that depends on undergraduate caseworkers and medical students working together to assess both medical and social needs.

In conjunction with MCP's medical students, Mobile Clinic's group of physicians diagnose and treat an extensive variety of medical illnesses. Mobile Clinic is fortunate to have a number of attending physicians, from a variety of medical specialties, work on-site to ensure that clients receive the best care possible. Taking time out of their busy schedules, these doctors regularly oversee clinic and act as supervisors and mentors to Mobile Clinic's large body of medical students. These physicians bring decades of experience working with the homeless and underserved populations to clinic, knowledge which is invaluable to improving and maintaining the health of our clients. Their medical expertise contributes to the smooth and efficient treatment of medical conditions, with many medical students looking for advice and guidance. 

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