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The Mobile Clinic Project at UCLA aims to improve the health outcomes and quality of life of individuals experiencing homelessness and other vulnerable populations in the greater Los Angeles area by connecting them to the existing continuum of care.


Most importantly, we strive to establish a safe, nonjudgmental environment where people of all backgrounds can receive direct medical care, legal advocacy, and compassionate connection.



For the past 25 years, the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition (GWHFC) has served free dinner out of a truck to those experiencing food insecurity every night of the week. Noticing the desperate need for healthcare among their clients, the GWHFC contacted UCLA Fielding School of Public Health in 1999.


Two Fielding students conducted a needs assessment at the GWHFC site and reported a multitude of health needs and barriers to healthcare access among their homeless clients. This information almost immediately incited a larger group of public health students to recruited physicians and medical, law, and undergraduate students to assist with more formative research and program planning.


On October 26, 2000, the Mobile Clinic Project at UCLA (MCP) was born.


MCP has remained a long-standing effort to connect to underserved individuals to social and health resources on a regular basis. Through the commitment and determination of public health, undergraduate, medical and law students, as well as dedicated faculty support, MCP has served the Hollywood homeless population alongside the GWHFC every Wednesday night for 17 years and counting. Over time, student involvement has enhanced MCP’s capacities by increasing availability of medications, referrals, and health education, as well as by operating an additional homeless clinic in Santa Monica.

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